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Memtrix & Spor
Darkest Hours / Super Trace

Forthcoming: 14th September 2015

Lifted Music teams up with Spor's record label Sotto Voce to bring a collab we've all been dreaming about.

Following the huge success of his debut album ‘Caligo’, Spor has hooked up with powerhouse producer Memtrix. ‘Darkest Hours’ begins with a stream of deep cinematic melodies progressing into a melting pot of cutting-edge bass sonics and crisp drum grooves; accompanied by ambient vocals. The B-side entitled ‘Super Trace’ unfolds as a dark roller combined with sharp percussion sounds, certain to get a dance floor moving.

With over 1 million views on his track ‘All You Are’ on YouTube and over 5 releases under his belt at the age of 19, this is the start of a long journey in the world of drum & bass for Memtrix. "Working with Spor has definitely been an eye opening and insightful experience,” he says, “but I think more than that it's just been really fun. It always seems really natural and fluent in the studio and we bounce ideas off each other really well I think. Obviously it's an absolute privilege for me to work with such a household name who's work I respect so much, and this release is something I'm really proud of and excited about."

Pre-order here: http://lftd.net/darkesthours

Posted On 08/08/2020