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LFTD020 625x265 lftd destroy

Various Artists
Destroy Rave EP

01) Aeph & Maztek - Hypnotize
02) L 33 - Chain Reaction
03) Memtrix - Ashes Away
04) Uman - Place Your Bets
05) Zombie Cats - Desolate (ft. Sarah Pellicano)

This one seemed like it took a lifetime for them to release. Even so, everything that they deliver is well worth the wait. We’ll get an EP with 5 tracks by producers like Aeph & Maztek, Zombie Cats, Memtrix, L 33 and Uman. You’ve read it right, Uman. Lifted are finally releasing “Place Your Bets” and for those who’ve been waiting for this tune for at least a year will know what an amazing news it is. If you haven’t heard it before – it’s just about time you listen to it, but be careful – it will hit hard. Other tracks are also nasty, powerful and have that highest production level for which these guys and Lifted Music are known and loved for.

Beatport: http://lftd.net/lftd020bp
iTunes: http://lftd.net/lftd020it
Spotify: http://lftd.net/Spotifyplaylists
Shoplifted: http://www.shoplifted.co.uk

Posted On 08/08/2020