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We are now live on your favourite streaming service, Spotify. Join us to keep up to date with all the latest from the label, and follow our office playlist that's continually updated with hand picked bangers we are feeling within Drum & Bass throughout the year.

Posted On 17/01/2017


lifted site_news

Hyperdrive EP
Hyperdrive / Warpath / Scorn / Broken

With the outstanding pre-release reception we've been getting, we're very proud to introduce Hyperdrive, the debut release from our new signing, Magnetude.

The release is out now. Download or add to Spotify here: http://smarturl.it/hyperdrive

Posted On 06/12/2016


LFTD023mag pressshotv3

We are proud to present a brand new outfit, Magnetude. A Russian producer, Rusty K, in which over the past year has seen successful releases on the renowned Bad Taste Recordings, and also a release on Lifted Musics sister Label – Breed 12 Inches teams up with Jae Overtech, that has built up his reputation through his own imprint Overtech Music, as well as been very busy on the DJ circuit in which his high octane 4 deck sets have solidified him as one of the most technically gifted DJ's in D&B.

Their debut EP entitled Hyperdrive, is out on the 19th December, so look out for the audio popping up on our socials in the run up to this monumental release. Audio will be posted here as and when.

Also, be sure to like the Magnetude Facebook page for their updates.

Posted On 23/11/2016


SOLFTD001 625x265 lftd site

Memtrix & Spor
Darkest Hours / Super Trace

Forthcoming: 14th September 2015

Lifted Music teams up with Spor's record label Sotto Voce to bring a collab we've all been dreaming about.

Following the huge success of his debut album ‘Caligo’, Spor has hooked up with powerhouse producer Memtrix. ‘Darkest Hours’ begins with a stream of deep cinematic melodies progressing into a melting pot of cutting-edge bass sonics and crisp drum grooves; accompanied by ambient vocals. The B-side entitled ‘Super Trace’ unfolds as a dark roller combined with sharp percussion sounds, certain to get a dance floor moving.

With over 1 million views on his track ‘All You Are’ on YouTube and over 5 releases under his belt at the age of 19, this is the start of a long journey in the world of drum & bass for Memtrix. "Working with Spor has definitely been an eye opening and insightful experience,” he says, “but I think more than that it's just been really fun. It always seems really natural and fluent in the studio and we bounce ideas off each other really well I think. Obviously it's an absolute privilege for me to work with such a household name who's work I respect so much, and this release is something I'm really proud of and excited about."

Pre-order here: http://lftd.net/darkesthours

Posted On 26/08/2015


LFTDPOD026 625x265 lftd site

ui logo bundles 175x30px

Spor Returns to the podcast for a one off special to introduce his Sotto Voce imprint to the show. Join Chris Renegade & Spor as they mix through a selection of recent Drum & Bass bangers, and banter one another with their cut throat humour.

Also, keep an eye out for the next Lifted Music Show from Chris Renegade that is dropping Thursday 3rd September. (Yes, that's actually in 2 weeks time!) He's promised ALLOT of upfront tunes.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lftdmusic/solftdshow027
Torrent Download: http://lftd.net/solftdpodsc

Posted On 20/08/2015



LFTD020 625x265 lftd destroy

Various Artists
Destroy Rave EP

01) Aeph & Maztek - Hypnotize
02) L 33 - Chain Reaction
03) Memtrix - Ashes Away
04) Uman - Place Your Bets
05) Zombie Cats - Desolate (ft. Sarah Pellicano)

This one seemed like it took a lifetime for them to release. Even so, everything that they deliver is well worth the wait. We’ll get an EP with 5 tracks by producers like Aeph & Maztek, Zombie Cats, Memtrix, L 33 and Uman. You’ve read it right, Uman. Lifted are finally releasing “Place Your Bets” and for those who’ve been waiting for this tune for at least a year will know what an amazing news it is. If you haven’t heard it before – it’s just about time you listen to it, but be careful – it will hit hard. Other tracks are also nasty, powerful and have that highest production level for which these guys and Lifted Music are known and loved for.

Beatport: http://lftd.net/lftd020bp
iTunes: http://lftd.net/lftd020it
Spotify: http://lftd.net/Spotifyplaylists
Shoplifted: http://www.shoplifted.co.uk

Posted On 01/06/2015


aeph mix series

ui logo bundles 175x30px

The Lifted Mix Series returns as a free BitTorrent Bundle with a storming set from Drum & Bass premiership DJ, Aeph. The mix showcases forthcoming tracks to be released on labels such as Lifted, Ram & Vision, and proves why Aeph has cemented his place in DJ booths across Europe & America. The mix is available as a legal virus-free torrent, for free, yet, if you want to support the artist and label, you're welcome to snap up Aeph's Lifted Music Back Cat and choose how much you'd like to pay for it.
Download the torrent now: https://bundles.bittorrent.com/bundles/aephliftedmix

Posted On 24/04/2015


AEPHFALL 625x265 lftd site

Aeph Ft. Tasha Baxter
Fall For You / Seadrome
Lifted Music - 27th October 2014

Aeph returns to Lifted with this outstanding vocal hit featuring vocals from the infamous miss Tasha Baxter.

Beatport: lftd.net/lftd021bp
Shoplifted: lftd.net/lftd021sl
iTunes: lftd.net/lftd021it
Spotify: lftd.net/Spotifyplaylists

Like Aeph: facebook.com/aeph
Like Lifted Music: facebook.com/liftedmusic

Posted On 15/10/2014


Memtrix Artwork

Voodoo EP
Ethereal / So Alive / Voodoo / All You Are
Lifted Music - 29th September 2014

Hands down, one of the most exciting new artists to the scene, Memtrix brings his debut EP to the table. Read what UKF thought about it here.

Beatport: lftd.net/lftd019bp
Shoplifted: lftd.net/lftd019sl
iTunes: lftd.net/lftd019it
Spotify: lftd.net/lftd019spot

Like Memtrix: facebook.com/memtrix
Like Lifted Music: facebook.com/liftedmusic

Posted On 29/09/2014


memtrix winteriscoming

Dropping next on Lifted Music is an outstanding debut EP from 18 year old, Memtrix. His own vocals and sheer musicality speaks volumes, as well as yet another advance in his technical production. Check out the first two previews of his EP below, and on the UKF youtube channel. Release date TBC.

Memtrix's "Voodoo EP" will be followed by a two track from Aeph. "Fall For You" features South African vocalist Tasha Baxter, alongside a straight up neurofunk banger on the flip. Be sure to check out the next Lifted Music Show for previews.

Breed 12 Inches also makes a return with a impressive release from newcomer Nouwa, that will also feature on the podcast.

Posted On 27/08/2014


 aeph elevator

We touched down with Aeph to talk his new EP and his plans for the forthcoming year...

Hey there Aeph, so to the labels relieve, you've finished your Enter The Vision EP and we're thankful in saying, we're extremely happy with it. As this is your first extended play release, can you give us an insight into the making of it? Any mountains you had to get over, or is there anything you've learnt in the process?

Thank god this nightmare is over. Just kidding, obviously during the making of a five tracks EP there was often the and desire to throw away what I’ve done so far, call the label manager, and say you want to join the hermits at the top of some random mountains and disappear forever (well I don't know about other producers but this happens to me very often), probably because of the amount of time I have spent on it. Nowadays the market requires quality but also quantity so there isn’t much time to relax during the process which sometimes causes a few creative blocks. Making a full concept EP like Enter The Vision has one taught me how to organise my ideas and schedule my studio workflow much better. Also, after moving to the new studio this amount of work allowed me to fully understand the way the room sounds. I definitely feel more confident right now.

Most producers these days, stick with their bedroom studios. Where is your Studio and what's your hardware/software setup? Can we get a picture, or maybe even a studio ‘selfie’?

I moved to this new studio in December 2012 and it took me couple of months to make it fully operative. I've been very busy working on different audio projects and it’s been annoying that I took so long to come with this new release. At the moment the studio is fully operative but there will be some changes very soon so this picture will not reflect the real status of it. We are (as I’m sharing it with another Drum & Bass producer, Kung) changing our monitoring system upgrading the Adams A7 with a beautiful pair of Adam 77x. Also an RME soundcard is on his way and should be delivered tomorrow (excited!). Bass traps and acoustic panels are provided by GIK Acoustic and they are doing an amazing job. My music software choice is Cubase 7 64bit, I also just started to study FL studio cause I think it’s an incredible piece of software. I think the interaction of the 2 of them could help me better to express my music ideas. Plugin wise I think most of the ones on this list will be the same as everyone use nowadays: NI instrument stuff, Fabfilter bundle, Camel products, Sylenth 1, etc.

aeph studio

We're super impressed with the overall production level on this release, and we class it as a step ahead of most Drum & Bass tracks getting recognised as 'popular' in the current Drum & Bass market. How hard was it to get there? Can you tell us any studio secrets or tips of how to engineer dance music so precisely?  Chris will probably tell us that it was his constant "not good enough" speeches over AIM that drove you to get there, but we're not so sure.

With this EP I've just followed my instinct, influencing them with some of the music, movies, book or any other media/visual/vision works I've enjoyed recently, trying also to keep a danceable vibe, hoping the listeners will enjoy this product as much at home as during a gig. This was very risky as most the time Drum & Bass requires to follow certain formulas to make sure it has support from the main "gurus" in order to reach as many followers/bookings as possible. It will not be a formula which I will keep forever, and at the moment I'm more into getting back a bit to some more techy vibes, but it is something I always wanted to explore. I can't thank enough Chris for the support and freedom he gave me during the writing as much as I hated him when he sent me back his crude feedbacks. The main aim with it was to try to be original, creative and musically dynamic but also to don't lose myself too much into crazy patterns and switches. I wanted to be a musical journey that’s easy to follow. This is why I've connected some of the tunes into 1 full "voyage" and I hope some people out there will get my message.

We loved the "Aeph Is Dead" electro house track on this EP. So, since the sharp rise of "EDM" and Dance music over the past few years (especially in the states), how do you think the Drum & Bass scene is doing as whole? Can it now be classed as a cross-over to all other dance genres as more and more DJs add a variety of tempos to their sets?

I think Drum & Bass is on shape, it’s a very good moment for a lot of new names out there which are experimenting and establishing their sounds. A real generational turnover. “EDM” sometimes is perceived as something "bad" but it has also connects people to Drum & Bass who haven’t taken notice of it before. These new "kids" who came from different music formulas have no bonds with the old school so they are more willing to assimilate a different approach to the writing of a track and at the same time, happy to have a classic amen break in their new favourite producer's track as for them it is still something new to hear. The "great beauty" of Drum & Bass is in constantly getting influenced by others genres. We will do the big step as soon as some more closed minded listeners will give up with their needs to have the same formula over and over again. Gridlok once said to me that “Drum & Bass will never die", and it’s true, but it also needs to wake up and expand its boundaries a little more.

aeph dark2

Allot of dance music producers tend to switch up tempos and styles of genres these days, as an attempt to gain recognition above a specific genre. Your take on Drum & Bass is definitely hard and heavy - Do you see yourself making a similar style of Drum & Bass for your next releases? Are you sticking with the current formula or changing it up, maybe we'll hear "Aeph is something else" at some point soon?

I don't blame them as it is always a good challenge to start a new project, exploring different sonic fields, and I had the same needs a few times too. About my future projects I have now fully satisfied my needs to tell a story within the music. I will keep my influences but the next step is being more focused on writing something darker and more technical. I will not exclude in the future to write another concept EP like this one but at this stage this is what I really want to explore. The aim is always try to surprise the audience with something different. It's not just about becoming popular, for me it’s more about being significant.

The teaser video was more so your idea than the labels (who would have thought huh?), regardless, it's had some great apprise and approval from fans. What's next for Aeph and what else can we expect for the forthcoming year?

When I have the chance I always want to connect my music with a visual message. When music travels alongside a video it elevates the concept to another level. My biggest dream is proposing a full music/video experience like Amon Tobin's Isam, but it takes a very long time (and high budget) to be prepared and at the moment I'm more focused on trying to deliver as many good tunes as possible during the next months and improve my production level. This is the most exciting and personal challenge for a producer: to overcome your limits and constantly improve your skills. You'll see me around quite often this year.

Posted On 31/03/2014


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